drake made me eat my words.

so yeh, i didn't quite dig drake when he first came out. if you're a regular around here, you may remember me fussing about the nerve of folks to call drake the hottest thing since sliced bread without a cd, yadda yadda. a year later i see things a bit differently. his cd, thank me later, came out today. of course i didn't buy it (you have to be pretty special for me to take a trip to crowded best buy to buy your cd on its release date) but i heard a couple of cuts on the radio that i'm feeling. did you hear the one with swizz, something like, oh you fancy. jawn's pretty hot.

so ok, there. i admit it. i hope he doesn't get all corny though and start acting out of his character. there's a bit of dorkiness about him that is kinda ... cute. his music is grown and his flow is tight. i think he'll be around for a little bit. thoughts?

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