change is good, huh.

i've been unplugged. and it sure feels good. first, the obvious changes.

new blog design. you like? thanks! i did it myself through blogger's new design editor. i didn't put too much thought into it. i just went with what i thought looked cute. funny because i was hesitant to click "apply changes." it took me a half a second to realize that it really wasn't that serious and went for it.

sharing is caring. that's why you will now see a share link on most of my posts. if you facebookers and twitterers read something you like, click share and send it to your homies. please and thanks.

lastly, the visual changes are my inspiration to perfect my masterplan. like what's next for sgb. not just the blog but the store. an e-boutique is cool but a brick and mortar is on my prayer list. i'm full of ideas, people! stick around for a while and hopefully we'll see these ideas manifest.

so yeh, about this unplugged stuff. i'm off the book for a while so my fb folks can find me here or on email. twitter has always annoyed me so i've been off of there. i'm off the gossip blogs and basically any other noise. time to focus on the business plans, the blog, the tabletop book about the entrepreneurship journey i'm supposed to be writing, a possible return to school for my masters and all that other good stuff.

sound good? good.

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