vintage music saturday: strokin'.

i be strokin' ... that's what i be doing. lol. let me find out that clarence carter is a stone cold freak. i mean not that blind people can't get down too but i'm just saying.

i first heard a snippet of this song years ago on one of those time life type of commercials. they were selling a double cd of old songs and strokin' was one of the songs. i heard it and immediately told my mom that she can never talk about the music of our day ever again. because if mr. strokin' it to the east and strokin' it to the west wasn't overtly salacious i didn't know what was.

actually strokin' wasn't as old as i originally thought. if i'm not mistaken, it was released in the 80s. do me a favor and google the lyrics and read them from top to bottom. guarantee you will be cracking up. i mean it's like someone's grandpa telling you about his sex life. hi-la-rious.

click the music player at the bottom of the screen to mute the background music ... just do it.

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CarmenSays said...

hey, thanks for following :] love the blog, couldn't help dancing along, p.y.t is one of my all time fave MJ songs! xx