happy birthday tupac.

"june one six seven one, the day, mama pushed me out the womb told me get paid."

moment of silence for one of the best who ever did it. yes, i'm still kinda crazy over pac. not quite as crazy as when i was in high school and had his pictures all over my wall. or when i won front row tickets from power 99 to go see him at the dell east and then got teary-eyed when they cancelled the concert. but still a fan. pac would have turned 39 today. he's thoroughly missed. i was about to post to live and die in la today but then realized i posted that video last year on this day. so here's another one off 1996's the don killuminati: the 7 day theory cd, toss it up. his buddies jodeci are also in the video. check it:

click the music player on the bottom of the screen to mute the background music.

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