vintage music saturday: michael mcdonald - i keep forgettin'.

warren g's regulate popped up on my pandora station the other day which samples michael mcdonald's i keep forgettin' (1982). i had to pull up the original. i almost forgot about this soulful blue-eyed crooner. his voice is absolutely amazing and soothing. remember his duo with patti - on my own? i never knew mcdonald was a member of steely dan and the dooby brothers (wait, was he on that episode of what's happenin' when raj and them went to the dooby brothers' concert?).
speaking of concerts, i'd love to see him in concert. this is my song ... scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the music player to mute the background music ... enjoy:

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solesister said...

I was just listening to this song yesterday. It sometimes just pops in my head and I start singing it all day!