her steeze: patrice williams from living fly on a dime.

i come across some flyy chicks throughout my internet travels so it was only right to reinstate the sgmotw series. this time around it's simply called her steeze. these ladies are on the move, ambitious and of course sui generis. i am inspired and motivated by their drive and think their worthy of becoming friends in my head (in my wendy williams voice). as was the case with ms. patrice williams of living fly on a dime. peep her steeze ...

"i feel style should be truly individual ..." -patrice

patrice williams. i'm a writer, reporter and blogger behind living fly on a dime.

what you do?
i have a background in journalism and have written fashion and lifestyle stories for instyle, essence, cosmogirl and aol black voices. last september i started living fly on a dime, where i give readers the daily dish on how to live a fabulous life for less. i post 5 days a week so that means devising interesting ideas as well as doing online research.

what inspired me to start living fly on a dime?
after being laid off from my job at a fashion magazine, i was a bit unsure of what i wanted to do. i love living in nyc but the city is so expensive. i was determined to live a fly lifestyle and enjoy everything the city had to offer, even though i was completely broke. my friends were always impressed with my budget tips (finding cheap airfare, buying designer items from thrift stores, etc), so i figured i'd start a blog where i share my tips with everyone and let people know you don't have to drop tons of cash to lead a fulfilling life.

future plans?
i want to keep growing the living fly on a dime brand and eventually turn the blog into a show where i travel to different cities and show people how they can "live fly on a dime" by visiting local thrift stores or affordable, but great restaurants. i also want to keep building my portfolio as a writer. my dream is to have a byline in gq.

your style can be described as?
casual chic. i love casual items like skinny jeans or a dressy tee, but i jazz them up with a pair of sky high heels or a big statement necklace. i'm a true girly girl, but i don't like looking too over the top.

favorite style icon?
don't have one. i love certain celebs' style (jennifer lopez and rihanna) but i don't have a single icon that i really look to or admire. i feel style should be extremely individual and when people focus on what others are wearing too much, you lose your individual flair.

if you could have a glass of wine with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
it would have to be donny hathaway. i think he's the greatest r&b artist that ever lived and yet so underrated and unknown by many non-r&b fans. it wasn't until my senior year of college that a professor introduced me to donny and since then i've been hooked. his music is soulful and at times, absolutely heartbreaking.

your stranded on an island with only 3 items. what are they?
1. a massive supply of coconut oil. it's natural and one of the most multi-purpose beauty products (great for skin and hair). 2. native son. i could read that book forever. richard wright's words just get better each time around. 3. twinkies. they're my guilty pleasure and i'm sure i'd need something to cheer me up over the fact that i'm stranded on an island. :)


Living Fly on a Dime said...

Thanks so much for the piece. I truly appreciate it!

Kim | Black Style Central said...

Oooh I love this interview! Love your blog redesign!