spanx for men.

yes, you read right. spanx for men.

and it really shouldn't come as no surprise. with the popularity of shapewear with women, there's no wonder that they'd cross gender lines. what may be more surprising is that men are buying them.

“we are selling them as quickly as spanx can make them. men may not be talking about it, but they’re buying it," said nickelson wooster, the men’s fashion director at neiman marcus.

spanx for men can also be found in bloomingdale’s, saks fifth avenue, nordstrom, and online sites like freshpair.com - a unisex underwear shop.

although, freshpair's president, michael kleinmann, declares men's shapewear as the "next big thing" he admits that "the biggest obstacle is to get a guy to understand it’s a new category, and it’s ok to wear it. it is still a little taboo.”

i guess metrosexuals are somewhere pretty hype right now, huh? i'm just not sure how i'd feel about going home with my man after a night on the town and having him peel off a spanx. double standard? maybe. your thoughts?

2xist form trunk 4523, $24, freshpair.com ; spanx 611, $55, freshpair.com

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