dig it or bury it?: little ms. willow smith at the karate kid premiere.

so what do you think of will and jada's daughter, willow, who showed up monday night on the red carpet of her brother jaden's premiere for the karate kid? her outfit, i mean. is it too much? cute?

one thing for sure and two things for certain the 9-year-old is full of personality. i must admit i did a double glance because i swore she was on her way to a costume party dressed as rihanna.
i checked out some of her other past outfits and she's just as eccentric. some folks are saying that jada is dressing her. i don't think that's the case.
she doesn't look fresh, in my opinion. thank God. i think mommy and daddy are just allowing her to be her expressive self. i trust their parenting skills. she's having fun, playing dress up. like cindi lauper said: girls just wanna have fun.
now i can't say my 9-year-old could ever get her head shaved and grow a mohawk but i can see myself letting her choose her own wardrobe and be as sui generis as she wants to be. confidence is admirable at any age.
what do you say ... are you digging her style or burying it?

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