i see vintage in a new house.

the move to the new house is coming, yawl. i'm claiming it. and at least once a day i daydream of how i will sprinkle vintage touches throughout the new construction. a pretty blend of vintage and contemporary ... well of course.

here are just a few vintage pieces on my wish list:

without a doubt, there will be a clawfoot tub somewhere in the new home. i absolutely love clawfoot tubs. my nana had one - i loved it then and i love it now.

a splash of color and an old school rotary phone. i've already copped about 2 of these.

yessirrr. i've been looking for one for a while now; i'll probably take it further back than the one pictured. complete with some classic albums.

nope, can't sew even a little bit. but that won't stop me from sitting one of these bad boys in the work room.

a vintage fan was not on my original list but i came across this photo from jollytimeone's etsy page and loved it.

and how sweet would it be to have one of these parked outside in the garage. vintage maserati ... so sweet i caught a cavity just looking at it. i wouldn't be able to stand myself with one of these! sigh. one can dream, right?

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S.Ella said...

I love vintage things. I want to buy a classic car but I know I'd be too scared to drive it incase I had a prang. I'm on the hunt for a vintage singer sewing machine. I hurts when I see one wasting away in an All Saints store as part of the display.