bet awards 2010 - please pass me a pillow.

ok, in all fairness i am completely aware that it may just be me. the awards just really didn't excite me. don't get me wrong. i wouldn't have missed them. and i watched (i.e. left it on) from start to finish. had i been on facebook, my status updates would have been something like this ...

-so, i used the performances as my bathroom breaks. they weren't horrible just not that entertaining. kanye is the truth. the song is hot. the performance, just a'ight. loved the energy of the diddy dirty money performance with rick ross and ti. oh yeh and nicki minaj (aka wilma flintstone) who was unknowingly hidden behind the smoke for half of her performance.

-jada's a hot momma. her frame has got me drawing out a fitness plan to-day!

-why didn't usher just sing OMG?

-nia long is gorgeous. so is larenz. the love jones reference was cute. and they really would make a cute couple.

-where was the freestyle cipher?! that was the highlight of the awards.

-nice to see keyshia cole! loved her throwback hairstyle - short front and side bangs and long back.

-love monica. wings and all. so glad she didn't fly away. A+ for bringing out deniece williams to sing silly. glad ms. williams made it through the notes of the song. no disrespect, m'am.

-not a fan of chris brown but he did a damn good mj tribute. damn good. was it about him or mj, though?

- el debarge! enjoyed his throwback performance. he looked pretty good too since the last time i saw him.

-prince! love him. he's oh so cool. why did they do him like that though? his greatness deserves a better tribute than they pulled together. where was maxwell? or the rest of the old school greats. that sucked, quite frankly. but he did seem truly honored.

well that's it. oh, the pictures. right. i need to add some pix, huh? ok. give me a few minutes. i'll peruse the other blogs and see if i can find any worthy of cutting and pasting. [updated: pix added]


i will do a 360 degree turn into a drop kick then fall with it (rickey smiley - lol) and jack eva for those gasoline glamour shoes. my, my, my, those things are precious. don't worry. i'm gonna do a separate post on them with a better view.

why do folks hate debra lee's oscar de la renta gown? i think it is quite lovely.

cassie rocked charlotte ronson and givenchy. hot look. and sui generis.

ciara wore a balmain dress with giuseppe zanotti lace up cuff boots. i know her feet were hot.

liked brandy's look. those shoes! sergio rossi crystal cage booties (available at neiman marcus)

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Alee said...

Glad I wasn't the only one who wasn't all that impressed with this year's BET awards. I have a feeling if I were actually there I would have been 10 times more excited.