" ... preserving my sexy." -zee

1. who
... zee
2. where ... barbieville, ga
3. what i do ... full time college student & fashionista
4. what i love ... strawberry & creme fraps from starbucks,london, smiling, laughing, preserving my sexy, vacays to exotic places, italian food, ballet, summertime & poetry.
5. my style can be described as ... eclectic, chic, & bold
bonus. my favorite style icon ... victoria beckham, naomi campbell, liya kebede
double bonus. if i could have a martini with anyone, dead or alive it would be ... MLK, he is truly inspiring!

you better work, zee! love the dress and shoes!
the sui generis ms. of the week (sgmotw) is a part of the spotlight series. the sgmotw features sui generis fashionistas with a passion for fashion, among other things.

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