office holiday party: rules to follow (or break).

just in case your boss hasn't cancelled your office holiday party due to the depressing state of the economy, AOL lists out the what to wear and what not to wear to the shindig:

per AOL:
  1. don't wear anything too sexy: if it's sexy, it could be sleazy. low-cut, plunging necklines look great on the red carpet, but not when you're sipping a cocktail next to the company CEO. choose a stylish but demure dress that doesn't reveal too much cleavage or leg. You want to look pretty, not sexy.

  2. do think festive: instead of sexy and revealing, choose an outfit that is seasonally appropriate. red or black work well for winter holiday parties. as long as it's not excessive (read: tacky), dress up your look with sequins and sparkles. dress up a cropped jacket by wearing a sequin camisole underneath or opt for a tafetta skirt, which has a great party-feel. or choose a scoop-neck sheath dress for a graceful, stylish look.

  3. don't go for super high stilettos: you may look fab in those four-inch stilettos, but how will your legs and tootsies feel after hours of standing? choose heels that flatter your legs and dress, but are comfortable enough to wear for a long time.

  4. do a little black dress: it's a standard for a reason: it works. an elegant black dress is always flattering and sophisticated, simple and classic. sleeveless is fine, but don't go any shorter than a few inches above the knee. have fun with the accessories -- from earrings to a necklace and bracelets. silver looks fabulous with black.

  5. don't under dress: if you've never been to a company party, talk to a trusted work buddy and find out the often-unwritten dress code. showing up in jeans and flip-flops when everyone else is in formal wear will leave you red-faced and miserable. it's hard to have a good time when you think everyone is staring at you.

  6. do wear dressy pants: a pantsuit with flowing legs and a silk top will look perfect. or, choose black pants with a metallic top. add color to your outfit with chunky jewelry. and if you decide once you're at the party that you overdid it on the jewelry, just slip it off and stash it in your purse.

  7. don't over dress: how dressy you should be depends on the time of the party and the location. if it's a luncheon in the company cafeteria in the middle of the day, save your slinky black party dress for another time. instead of going business casual on party day, dress up just a bit more. dressing up too much for an evening party can also create problems, making you seem like you're out of touch.

  8. do carry a jazzy purse: if you can't afford to buy a new dress for the party, treat yourself to a new evening purse -- something to jazz up the outfit you pulled out from the back of your closet. choose a purse based on the look you want to portray. for example, something elegant screams sophistication. colorful beads and sequins tells everyone you're here to have fun.

  9. don't put on too much bling: choose tasteful jewelry that accents your outfit without raising eyebrows. bold and chunky jewelry is in right now, but you're probably safer sticking to one statement piece at a time, especially if your dress has a lot going on already. if your outfit is simple, then you can adorn with more diamonds or other crystals.

  10. do sneak in a little sexy: while it's never appropriate to show up at the office party in a sexy outfit, you can choose one sexy little detail. for example, a form-fitting dress is fine as long as the neckline doesn't plunge and the skirt is no shorter than two inches above your knee. or, go for sequins and sparkles on a conservatively-cut dress.

  11. do shop at sgb for your holiday wardrobe essentials.

ok, so i did sneak #11 in. here's 3 more i want to sneak in:

  • do enjoy drinking on your company's wallet but please don't make an ass out of yourself by getting so drunk that you bear hug the boss' wife and tell her how much you love her or even worse, vomit on her shoes or even worse try to freak the co worker you never speak too on the dance floor. have fun but you're not at LOVE.

  • work the room. you convinced yourself to go. so be seen. even by that one busy body co worker that you always try to avoid at work - swag past her and even muster a "well hello, how are you?"

  • or of course you could always break all the rules, wear what the heck you feel like and laugh (or cry) about it the following monday

enjoy! i'd love to see and post your holiday party outfits. so send them in - halimah@suigenerisboutique.com

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