things men say.

so saturday afternoon i got a text from a former co-worker inviting me to the signing and networking event for her new book. she wrote a book!

things men say - good, bad, naughty, and nice (a to z), by tracey l. williams. the title alone made me curious so i had to take a few minutes of her time and have her answer a few questions about it:

so somehow you found time to step away from your business, Marketing Werks, to write a book! when did you decide that you wanted to write what men say:the good, the bad, the naughty (A to Z) and what inspired you?
i have always been interested in writing and would always journal or write various things down that i found interesting, funny or inspiring. one of the funny things that i began accumulating were various "lines" from men that my girlfriends would share with me from their dating experiences. finally i had so many "sayings" and "experiences" that I thought it would make a great book.

what men say is a short novelty book that chronicles Posh's, a self professed Urban girl, dating life? who is Posh and what makes her an Urban girl?
Posh is the character that i created for the book. i thought it was really important to have a woman character that readers could connect and relate to. i wanted her to have a personality of her own. she's an Urban Girl because she is a modern day "Carrie". she's strong, independent, stylish, and lives and loves everything about city living.

i'm sure Urban girls from state to state can think of a couple sayings that men have said to them at one point. tell me one of the most unforgettable - whether endearing, humorous, or just plain asinine - sayings that a man has said to you?
hmmm, you want me to get personal?! i don't like kissing and telling but i did have a guy tell me once that he "loves me like cooked food." i guess that would fall in the asinine category.

i love your top 11 rules listed on your site that Urban girls live by! #8 says "always be stylish in your own unique way". tell us about your style and how it sets you apart.
i would call my style, urban chic. and that could mean many different things to many different women but for me urban chic is eclectic, modern and stylish. it's mixing various styles and adding an urban edge to it. for instance, i'll take something that is basic or classic and then rock it out with slick accessories such as a cool wrist band or a funky handbag. also since i'm originally from NY, i tend to wear a lot of black. but now i find myself balancing it out with something bright colored like a blouse or necklace, just to make a statement.

my style is just that, my style, and is an outward expression of me.

there are many professionals out here, i know of at least 2, who want to write and get published but are absorbed with their 9 to 5s that really don't offer more than financial/pay the bills satisfaction. how would you suggest they find a balance? and what advice would you give them on staying focused and really moving towards writing ?
great question. finding the time is the number one issue that stands in most peoples way. i also run a coaching business called Coaching Werks and advise my clients to break their goals down into small workable chunks. then set realistic dates for accomplishing those goals. post those goals somewhere you can see them everyday and then envision that goal being done and then finally act on it. having friends and family support you in your endavors helps to keep you focused.

christmas is around the corner and Things Men Say sounds like the perfect gift for myself and girl friends. i'll definitely be picking up a copy or two. where can we purchase?
the book can be purchased at Amazon or on the book's web site at

what's next for you? more books?
definitely more books. i created the Urban Girl Series of books and Things Men Say: Good, Bad, Naughty, and Nice (A to Z), is the first of that series.

any additional info you'd like to add, in closing:
i strongly believe that what you focus on becomes reality...act as if!

you heard her. act as if. love that. be sure to check out her site. you can thank me later for putting you on to a great holiday gift.

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