remember when we used to rock: champion sweatshirts

so last week we ventured up to arundel mills mall and i noticed a champion outlet store. of course that made me think back to the champion trend of the 90s.

champion sweatshirts hit my part of town and both guys and girls had to have them. they came in every color combination on the planet earth and i wanted them all. i remember me and my girls would switch up - i'd borrow her turquoise one and she'd borrow my purple one. the neighborhood guys did the same - switching up between them.

and if you had a little boyfriend at the time, you could wear his. you'd go to school wearing his champion sweatshirt, it fit a little big so everyone knew it was your man's and you swore you were cute. i remember when the summertime rolled around my mom bought me a purple set - the tee shirt and the bottoms - i must have rocked that like clockwork - weekly. i also remember this guy i went to school with had a bright orange one that i swear he wore every monday, wednesday, and friday. he might have single-handedly been the reason champions went out of style - lol. he rocked that orange champion sweatshirt so much.
so yeh this is a new series - we used to rock. there's so many old trends i have to reminisce about, so tune in weekly.

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