good ole tv one will be airing unsung, a series of four biographies on four artists/groups, who you or your momma most likely had the vinyl record of, and who deserved but never quite made it to superstar status.

the special will be narrated by former "he so-fine" guy, al b. sure who will chronicle the careers of donny hathaway, the debarge family, the clark sisters, and phyllis hyman. i love them all and it'll be quite interesting since all of them were stars as far as i was concerned.

unsung will touch on the tremendous talent of all and the factors that disrupted their careers. i can't wait.

sneek peak will air on thanksgiving night. so after your belly is full you can tune in at 7 for the debarge family. then starting the sunday after, the entire series will air for 4 consecutive nights at 10, 11, and 2 AM. so you should be able to catch it.

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