just for fun.

what's your sign say about your style? per ivillage, click here and find out.

here's an excerpt for my sign, aquarius:

you'll never see a water bearer shopping in one of those big, corporate
fashion dens that make their profit from monopolies and sweatshops. thrift stores suit you much better, where you can get the most interesting clothes at the least damage to your pocketbook. you keep up with trends in your own way. you don't buy the new retro fashions, rather you find clothing from the time that this retro was new. colorful clothing made from hemp, or anything that has shock value, is scattered about your wardrobe. you always have one jump on the next trend, whether or not it finds its way into popular culture. among the mismatched, eclectic, daring garments in your possession, there is probably at least one gown or suit that is perfectly tailored, perfectly elegant and definitely expensive.

some parts are on point.

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