eyebrow magic: threading.

i am really sick of going to the little neighborhood nail salons and rolling the dice on my eyebrows. am i a glutton for punishment? why do i continue to let them "clean up" my eyebrows and then walk out with a deep arch in one and not the other or even worse, one shorter than the other. that $8 can be put towards something a little more fool proof.

like threading. i've had it done twice before and was very pleased. i'm just too lazy to drive downtown to get it done consistently.

threading is a hair removal technique which originated in india but is also popular in the middle east. a double strand of sewing thread is twisted and removes hair by the follicle for a clean, precise look. it hurts no more than waxing. and since hair is removed from the follicle, it lasts a little longer than waxing or tweezing.

i went to a place on L street. forgive my memory but i think the place is called threads. it's an inconspicuous spot, small and quiet. i walked in and proceeded to tell the woman that i wanted them "cleaned up, not too thin", you know, my whole spiel that i say with the local waxing spots. without uttering a response she went to work on my brows. i'm still trying to figure out how they get the thread to do what it does.

the process takes about 5 minutes and will set you back about $15 with tip.

for a visual breakdown, i found this video on youtube:

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