she was our first: ph by phillia.

phillia (left)

sgb first launched around this time in 2005. i was new to entrepreneurship and feeling my way around, trying to figure out the direction for sgb. in addition to vintage, i knew i wanted to feature fresh faced, emerging designers. that's when i connected with phillia of ph by phillia. i can't even recall how we came in contact, but we did, and she became one of sgb's very first featured designers. her items were a hit with sgb customers. i checked out her site just recently to see what she's up too. she is the coolest, yawl, and she's as busy as ever. she took a few minutes , though, to answer some questions:
blast from the past, this modern kimono wrap, by ph by phillia, was sold on sgb back in 05

tell us who you are: i'm a sugar-n-spice-urban-bohemian-ravin'-retro-asian-space-warrior-chick!
and where you represent: williamsburg, BK!

what you do: i'm a fashion designer/consultant/stylist/boutique manager/sales & PR rep. while trying to stay afloat with my own line during this crazy economy, i focus on creating one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces that i sell through this really cool conceptual fashion co-op/boutique/bar in the lower east side of NYC called The Dressing Room (voted Citysearch's Best Boutique of 2007 in the LES). top floor is an indie designer's co-op sitting along a full working bar that's super cute and cozy. downstairs is a clothing exchange with vintage and second-hand designer clothing. drink and shop til midnight during the week and 2 am on the weekends! i co-manage the place with some of the other indie designers so i'm there hanging out, drinking cocktails, working the crowds there. good times!

i also consult a variety of clients to help design and develop their lines. i basically bring the ideas in their head to life and then teach them what to do to get their lines into the boutiques and into the magazines. i have been working on a good friend's line, Rubytone the past year,
consulting her along the process and handling her sales and PR.

i'm starting a new line with my oldest best friend on da planet that will launch spring 2010 called Aya Buppo which translates into 'Ouch Kiss' in korean. it's modernizing everything traditional Korea including using the traditional fabrics and bringing the silhouettes of the national costumes into present times.

i also am 1 out of 10 handpicked designers to start a blog for fashionindie.com that will pretty much showcase my day to day life in fashion. i'm also in the process of collaborating forces with another designer/consultant who has expertise in the areas that i don't, such as overseas production and fabric sourcing, finance, business, and marketing where my expertise is domestic fabric sourcing and production, sales, and PR.

so lots going on!

you teach designer workshops. tell us about it: i love to teach! it's so rewarding for me to share my knowledge and experiences to help aspiring young designers bring their own visions to life. i basically teach them everything they need to know to start their own clothing or accessory lines. they learn all the aspects of the business - from setting up your business legally, the basics of business/marketing/sales plans, to learning how to take the ideas from your head onto paper, how to prepare your sketches for pattern and sample makers, how to edit your collection, how to line up your production, how to do your own sales, press and marketing.

it's a very thorough and realistic portrayal of what it takes to launch and what it takes to survive and thrive. i'm also in the process of recording it digitally so that people not living in the NYC area can download the video so they can take the workshop in the comfort of their own homes as well. that should be done by the end of the year!

future plans: oh wow. keep on fine tuning my knowledge and skills about how to run a fashion business and continue growing my consulting business. expand pH by phillia into fuller collections each season and into more boutiques. expand Aya Buppo into two lines: one-of-a-kind celebrity couture pieces and ready-to-wear.

what's your stye philosophy?: hmm I think definitely a mix of cute, sexy, playful and elegant. i love to mix budget conscious vintage, thrift store, H&M type finds with timeless nicer pieces that i've invested into over the years. i also love to accessorize like a beast! i'm always up to try new things. these days i'm obsessed with glitter and gemstones/crystals on my face with a mix of 1920's-1940's/traditional geisha/fun party kid raver stylized hair with a big flower or ancient japanese hair pins etc.

if you could raid anyone's closet who would it be?: hmm i love rachel bilson i think she's a cutie. i love gwen stefani and her L.A.M.B line. and kate moss.

thanks for your time, phillia. anything, in closing, you'd like to add?: i love yummy food and nice people! =) xoxoxo.

is this chick doing it or what?! phillia is embedded in fashion and her projects seem so exciting. i'm jotting The Dressing Room down as a place to visit next time i'm in NY. make sure you check out her site!

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