inauguration pipe dreams.

so me and tye figured we'd give it a shot, along with the thousands of other people, of going to the inauguration. imagine that. i just emailed my congress folks and my senators requesting tickets.
give it a shot. just google to find your contacts and write a quick email. nothing to lose.
and on a funny note, 93.9 was taking calls yesterday asking people what they would wear to the inauguration ball. most called and said a black dress, updo hairstyle, something elegant, yadda yadda. then this one chick calls and says she'd wear a yellow dress. the dj said "a yellow dress!?" she said "hell yeh, i need to be seen." lol. oh my. she was serious. do me a favor yawl. if you do have the honor of attending, unless you know you can pull off a yellow dress and not make folks wonder "who let her in?" then stick to something a little more subtle. ok? please and thanks.

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