"i like to think of myself as a doll ..." - pebel

1. who ... miss pebel segura
2. where ... alexandria, va
3. what i do ... fashion merchandising major at howard university
4. i love ... all things fashion. the fashion culture is like no other. it is ever changing and evolving, it keeps the world guessing.
5. my style ... i like to think of myself as a doll and i put on outfits that are cute and different. even if i'm scared to wear something different or unusual i think of myself, not as a person, but as a doll that i can dress and put crazy, fun, cute outfits on. it makes life easier that way.
bonus. my style icon is ... jennifer lopez
double bonus. if i could have a martini with anyone it would be ... marilyn monroe

loving the dress, miss pebel!
the sui generis ms. of the week (sgmotw) is a part of the spotlight series. the sgmotw features sui generis fashionistas with a passion for fashion, among other things.

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