in demand: sass & bide.

so i've told you before how i feel about leggings. i love them for all the right reasons - they're comfortable and convenient and can be an extremely hot look. however, i've seen them abused one too many times. it's just one of those things that you can get right or extremely wrong. but let's focus on the positive, shall we?

designers are still making them work though and i've already decided i'm going shopping for a pair this saturday. it would be most convenient for me to just order them online but no, i have to try my leggings on first. anywho, i love sass & bide for coming up with their black rats skinny ruched leggings. i need these like right away. i like them because their sorta upgraded leggings - pseudo skinny jeans like but still very much leggings. kinda. i'd rock the hell out of these. beep beep. lol. (insider)

you probably know sarah-jane clarke (sass) and heidi middleton (bide) for their denim designs. i read that they used the leggings in a runway show with no intention of releasing them. high demand made them change their mind.

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