remember when we used to rock: beepers.

yup, before we had cell phones we rocked beepers (aka pagers). they were indeed a fashion accessory. motorola had the electronic world on lock with this 90s trend; everyone wanted a beeper whether you needed it or not.

beepers came in just about every color; i had a clear one. and back then, people felt so cool and important when it would go off. it's laughable now but yawl know i'm not lying.

paving the way for future text messaging, codes first gained popularity with beepers. 911 meant emergency - call me back now. 143 is what you'd send your man to tell him "i love you". 411 meant you had some gossip. and to tell someone hello you'd type in 07734 - because when read upside down the numbers spelled hello.

just like folks get fussed out when you call them on their phone and they don't answer, it was the same issue with beepers. i think it was aaron hall who explained it in his song "i beeped you, why you ain't call me back?" lol. and just like phones get blown up, beepers were abused too. it was a little easier to say you didn't get the beep back then. with cell phones, folks know when you send the call into voicemail.

my mom refused to buy me one back in the day. i remember it cost $105. i had to have one. i ended up winning $99 on the radio station (#9 caller, "power 99 is my favorite station - lol) and the next day i marched right down to 5th street and bought me one. pressed. i remember those days.

did you want or have one? what color? what do you remember about your beeper?

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