meg urbani: fashion photographer.

so meg urbani is a fashion photographer. and she's also a myspace friend of sgb's. her work is fierce so i was happy when she agreed to let me interview and introduce her to my readers. read on and don't forget to check out her work.

tell us who you are: hm, good question! well today i am Meg Urbani.

and where you are: literally, i am laying in my bed with my mac book pro and my puggle, elliott. geographically, i reside in new jersey and work in new york.

what you do: i am a photographer and fashion photography is my pleasure.

how long have you been a photographer?: well I started taking pictures about 9 years ago, but I don't think I could say that for all of those years I was a photographer, but it happened somewhere along the way.

who and/or what do you most like to shoot?: people are what i like to shoot the most. i love shooting fashion stories, conceptual pieces, as well as interesting spaces. usually the spaces i find interesting are the ones that most people would just pass on by, but if you look hard enough sometimes you can find something really brilliant. and my favorite thing to do is to mix all three.

tell us about your very first shoot: oh man, my first shoot… that probably consisted of me running around like a mad woman, orchestrating a one-woman show. i can’t classify anything i did prior to college a “shoot” but i would take photos all the time. so i would have to say that my first actual shoot was with my friend who i used as a model and my 4x5 view camera. we went to this little hut-like building under a bridge, i had her tied to a chair and she had mascara running down her face. in retrospect it was a tad cliché, but to this day it is one of the only photos from that time that i still like.

what is your most memorable shoot: i would have to say my most memorable shoot was this one i did for a magazine. the shoot was supposed to be shot outside on location, however mother nature was working against me and it was raining pretty hard-core. little fact about me, anytime I plan a shoot that is going to be shot outside, it rains, or at least has a 60% chance of rain.

anyway, while we were doing hair and makeup it was looking pretty good outside, it looked like it was clearing up and seemed like we would be okay. well that was short lived. the second we start to head to the location it was as if the sky opened up and Armageddon erupted. it was a serious thunderstorm! just when i was about to lose all hope it finally stoppe so we went to the location and the second i started to shoot the first shot it began to pour. i don’t know how we got through it, but somehow after running around in and out of the rain, we managed to shoot a 6-page editorial. we were all wet and it was not so pleasant. i was certain by the end of the shoot my team would hate me; thankfully they didn’t but i just felt like i totally owed everyone involved!

and seriously if we are ever in a drought, all you have to do is ask me to plan a shoot outside. i can pretty much promise it will rain. haha.

future plans: hmmm, well I have many! first and foremost, i want to get my work out there for everyone to see. i would love to have my work in more magazines and shoot some amazing fashion stories and meet more amazing and talented people. one thing that i would really love to do is have a photo show during fashion week in NYC. i really hope to have that happen in the next few years! the list could go on forever. i don’t think i will ever stop; i am the kind of person that just likes to keep going and going.

if you could shoot anyone in the world, who would it be?: that is a hard one! but i think it would have to be karl lagerfeld. one reason being because i always wanted to meet him, and because he is just so darn stylish! and the other reason, well pretty much goes without sayin, i mean come on ... chanel!

if you could have a martini with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be: that would hands down have to be coco chanel. i would have so many questions for her, and i really think i could just sit and listen to her forever. she was a very insightful lady! and i think i could learn a lot for her. if you haven’t already noticed i kind of have an obsession with chanel.

any closing comments: well i have to thank you for taking an interest in my work! hopefully i didn’t bore anyone to death. ☺and i would love for everyone to check out my work:

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