my name is (insert name here) & i'm a shopaholic.

shame on me to post this on the biggest shopping day of the year. but addicition and indulging is two separate things. and according to judith wright, author of the soft addiction solution, recent studies show that 1 outof 12 people are compulsive shoppers. and, she says, it can hit you in more places than your purse by causing you tension in your relationships or distraction from your dreams. these questions, according to wright, will tell you if you should be concerned:

1. how much time do you spend? if you spend hours roaming the mall, surfing online, or glazing over catalogues, you’re most likely dealing with a soft addiction. wasting hours that could be spent moving you towards your dreams is never a good choice.

2. what's your motivation? do you shop to feel better about yourself, fill up unscheduled time, escape your emotions, or because you can’t resist a sale? or are you simply shopping for some well-needed clothing that expresses your personal image? escaping, avoiding boredom, or feeling pulled toward a sale is a signal that it’s a soft addiction.

3. what are you feeling? do you shop when you’re bored, angry, sad — or even happy? if so, you may be using shopping as retail therapy — a way to avoid your feelings and the challenges you are facing. think about how you feel before, during, and after your spending spree. before shopping, are you anxious, jittery, bored, angry or afraid? are you zoned out, numb, or even on a false high while shopping? afterward, do you feel shameful, high, agitated, embarrassed, foggy, or even forgetful of what you just purchased? any of these check points can let you know that you’re entering into bad territory.

4. what are you hoping your shopping will do for you? if you think a new dress will make you irresistible, make him ask you out. if that new gadget will make you the envy of your friends, forget it. you are imagining some magical result that you believe shopping will bring you. whether you shop as a boost for your self-esteem, to bring a sense of newness in your life, or avoid uncomfortable emotions, there are far more satisfying ways to meet those needs. once you know what they are, they will bring you lasting results.

can't a fashionista black out every once in a while in the mall? anywho, click here to read the entire article and find out what you can do if you have a true shopping problem.

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