the mi-racka.

it's friday night and yawl know how we do - happy hour at home! and tye and i occassionally get really creative with our drink concoctions.

introducing the mi-racka! named after our very own president and first lady-to-be. tye outdid himself with this one - i can close my eyes and feel like i'm in the bahamas with this tropical drink.

i'm sharing:

-4 shots of tequila (we recommend don julio)
-4 shots of margarita mixer (we used stirrings)
-2 shots of sour apple martini mixer (we recommend one w/o alcohol, we used rose's cocktail infusion)
-2 shots cranberry twist mixer (we used rose's cocktail infusion)
serves two.

shake, pour, and drink! yeh, we need to market this.

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