give them something to talk about:mychael knight.

so i was watching real housewives of atlanta and who else but mychael knight, project runway season 3 finalist, popped up on sheree to offer her some advice on her own clothing line. so i decided to get nosy and see what he's been up too.

interestingly, aside from his unisex fragrance, majk, that i never even knew existsed, he has a racy lingerie line called kitty & dick. how salacious. he also put together 7 chicks to market the line. they go by the name of kitty litter. public opinion seems to balance between indifference and pure disgust towards the line's name.

personally, i can go without the kitty litter gimmick, although 7 chicks now have gigs and relevance. i have to sit on the kitty & dick name. part of me wonders if so many people would take issue with it if a more established, rock-n-roll'ish designer had come up with the idea.

hmm ... you tell me.
mychael knight & his kitty litter

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